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Peoria, Illinois is for EVERYONE. Part I

The Knell Group
Nov 15 2 minutes read

The Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has released their 2018 video series for our beloved city titled 'For Everyone'. The essence of this campaign pulls at the heart strings and parallels The Knell Group's sentiments of this treasured city.  One of our services we find most enjoyable is introducing new clients to the city. With several large corporations, many with headquarters here, we meet several newcomers to the area. Those who come from a metropolis setting, initially feel Peoria may not offer the convenience, culture or lifestyle they are accustomed to in the city. However we quickly tip the scale when we introduce them to the thriving downtown presence.  Newcomers from a rural location find comfort in the small town hospitality surrounding the city and the many pockets of quaint neighborhoods within the city. Simply, 'Something for Everyone.'

Coinciding with our series Discover Peoria, we will dive deeper into the PAC&VB marketing videos in the coming weeks. 

At the core of the introductory video, 

EVERYONE can find their place

  • FUN




... Have a HOME in Peoria, IL

These headlines will be the titles for our upcoming posts where you can learn more about what Peoria, IL has to offer. STAY TUNED. 

Be sure to visit for an exceptional website filled with information and the  entire video series. 

Looking to BUY or SELL a HOME? Contact The Knell Group here OR start your HOME search here. 

Note: Video & Photo credits to Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

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